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Often the weakest and the defenseless, the sick and the impaired are the ones who suffer the most in zones of war and crisis. Our organisation wants to ease the suffering of animals living in such areas. We care for the hardship cases which have no hope of being adopted in their home countries.

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Frieden für Pfoten -Peace4Paws e.V. 










Food, not bombs

One of our main focuses is in Syria, where countless pets have been left behind and now suffer from hunger and thirst. Many of them get badly injured.

We support the people who take care of these animals in need. Those who feed them,  take care of spaying and neutering, medical emergencies and constantly looking for new homes for their fosterlings.

Help them to help themselves

Our main goal is to support local partner organisations and private helpers. We help them to help themselves. We can achieve this with financial aid, contributions in kind (Meds and food), sponsoring projects and public relations.

Our whole team works on voluntary basis. There are no administrational costs, each and every donated Cent is spend on those who need it so badly. Food, not bombs!




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We help refugees to reunite with their beloved pets. In single cases we take care that the pets can be adopted to Germany.