An awesome team of animal welfare activists fills the Charity Market's shelves since December 2015. Many dedicated people had campaigns for the animal's well being, but now a main platform for all offers should be available - the Charity Market. 


No matter if Queen of Rummage, creative knitter or sewer, jewelry enthusiasts or writers - all of them participate in this small market place und give their all to provide the much needed money for feeding grounds, medical aid or spaying/neutering. 


We want to invite you to visit the Charity Market. We love the hustle and bustle and are excited to meet new supporters.

Lots of love,


Christina Schumann & Claudia Schnapp


A small market place for Vintage and Selfmade
The Charity Market-Team

Claudia Schnapp - wholeheartedly dedicated,


Erminia Riziero - beloved mother of a former Syrian stray.

Katja Wacker - offering her beautiful figurines made from concrete.


Last but not least, Fenna Williams and Laura Gambrinus, who brought the „Writers for Peace 4 Paws" campaign to life.

Follow your Heart - The Peace 4 Paws T-Shirt

Peace 4 Paws is renowned for making the seemingly impossible possible. We don't have a magical recipe to achieve this, but without the main ingredient of all our supporters and activists it surely wouldn't be possible: Much love and authenticity. 


Finding a slogan for this wasn't hard: Peace 4 Paws members follow their heart  - FOLLOW YOUR HEART! Many thanks to Christina Schumann, who brought life to our Motto with her design!

You can get your Shirt here. Of course the animals will be the sole benefitor of all revenue!