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Urgent: Help for Aleppo!


Alaa is renowned in international media as the "Cat-Man from Aleppo". In his cat sanctuary "Ernesto Home for Cats" he took care of the poorest that were left behind in this awful war: the Cats.

Now Ernesto Home for Cats lies in pieces.

A russian bomb exploded in the Quarter and besides two cats, the beloved shelter mascot, a dog named Hope, died this day. The housing is damaged or broken down. After the explosions they get attacked with bombs filled with chlorine gas and even the very last survivors flee the doubtful shelter of the ruins.

But the fighter's love for their fosterlings can't be put out! Ernesto Home for Cats can move to a new home and carry on with their great work, but of course, the last supplies and interiors have been destroyed.

Please help us to help them and donate, visit our great Charity Market and spread our message to reach as many people as possible! Maybe we can't put an end to this war once and for all but we have the power to have the backs of Alaa and his co-fighters! 

Urgent: Let's bring Amaris home!

We ask for your help to get him a second chance to come home after the first try went so awfully awry! 

Three-legged Amaris and five other cats should have landed at Frankfurt airport yesterday to escape the hellish war in Syria and get the chance of a new life. We exhausted our last reserve to make at least this rescue possible. 

But poor little Amaris had no luck again. Arbitrarily Middle Eastern Airlines only took two out of six scheduled cats on the flight. 

Now it's hard to know what to do and well... it sure is going to be expensive. All possibilities to somehow rescue the remaining four need funding. 1.000 Euros, or maybe more, this mission will swallow up.


Our community has grown to be so incredibly strong. If everyone donates a small amount, we can do this! Are you with us?